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Big Daddy Energy Drinks

Primary Audience

  • Baby Boomers; men and women of the middle class, ages 56-73



  • Create a brand and energy drink targeted towards Baby Boomers



Big Daddy Energy Drinks is a company that produces energy drinks directed at an older audience, i.e. Baby Boomers. To better understand the audience, research was conducted into their interests and world events that may have influenced their lives.


Hot rods were popular between 1930 and 1960. “Big Daddy” Ed Roth was a famous illustrator during the 1950’s. Many of his hot rod illustrations were featured in car magazines and car shows. His incorporation of Rat Fink and other unique characters influenced the brand, flavors and designs of the Big Daddy Energy Drink company.


By creating a brand that is influenced by a popular illustrator of the Baby Boomer’s lifetime, the company was able to develop an easily recognizable and exciting identity for their primary audience.

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