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Stubblefield Institute

Listen Learn Engage Initiative


Campaign Branding

  • Logo(s), Color Palette, Fonts, Graphics

Project Summary

The Bonnie and Bill Stubblefield Institute, the political department of Shepherd University, wanted to launch a student initiative in fall 2021. The mission of the Listen Learn Engage Initiative was to inspire students across disciplines to participate in constructive, skillful political and civic engagement tied to their field of study.


The department hired me to create a new logo and brand identity for this campaign. I kept a similar color palette to the Stubblefield Institute by incorporating blues but expanded with a bold red. I also got playful with the fonts to encourage youthfulness as this was a student initiative.


The end of “Engage” has an ending quotation mark while the end of the word “Listen” has a quotation mark turned into a pair of headphones. These graphics create some fun symbolism for the initiative and graphic elements that can be used at the department’s leisure throughout the campaign marketing.

More Information

The Bonnie and Bill Stubblefield Institute for Civil Political Communications

Listen Learn Engage Initiative

Primary Logo
Secondary Logo
Acronym and Alternative Logos
Graphic Elements
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