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The National Park Service

Telling Her Story


Master Adobe Illustrator document with 400+ design elements

(24) Illustrations of Historical Women

Project Summary

2020 marked the centennial anniversary of the 19th amendment of the US constitution. To celebrate the monumental piece of history, the National Park Service aimed to create a template that park rangers could use to highlight historical women who impacted their parks. The goal of this project was to design the system and templates the park rangers would use.


Originally, the templates were going to be designed for rangers to place an image and add text. However, the Work Projects Administration (WPA) Poster Collection inspired the illustrative qualities of the final design. A paper doll-like system was developed so rangers could use simple, flat, vector shapes to build any woman whose history they wanted to share.

The final doll template included nearly 400 elements in a variety of colors. Twenty-four women were illustrated. The advantage of this solution is its versatility. The National Park Service employees are able to customize and add to it over time. Maybe in the future, this paper doll system can be used in projects other than the "Telling Her Story" poster series.

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