National Women's Law Center Self-Mailer

Primary Audience

  • Women of all ages, races, ethnicities, and sexualities seeking legal justice or social change



  • Design a folded self-mailing piece to encourage recipients to volunteer, donate, or learn more about the National Women’s Law Center

  • Create a custom fold that meets US Postal Service mailing regulations

More information


The National Women’s Law center is an accomplished, non-profit organization that aims to help women of all ages, races, ethnicities, and sexualities achieve equality and freedom in the United States. As a class project, I was assigned to create a self-mailer that meets USPS mailing standards and had clear calls to action. I designed my own rolling fold template that utilized doors, images, and bold text to clearly organize information and guide the recipient through the mailer. By the time the recipient has unfolded the entire mailing piece, they will find themselves looking at a donation card and be called to “donate, volunteer, and be informed.”

NWLC_Full Fold_Web.jpg
NWLC_Three Fold_Web.jpg