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Sans Merci Volume 43

Primary Audience

  • Shepherd University students and staff

Secondary Audience

  • Shepherd University students and staff




  • Design and illustrate the magazine cover


  • Layout 112 pages of poetry, prose, and art


  • Create three marketing campaigns to promote the Call for Submissions, the Release Party, and the Call for Editors

More information


Sans Merci is a Shepherd University art and literature magazine. It is a student-organized publication and student editors jury the submitted art and literature. My role as the designer was to work closely with the art and literature editors to design and layout the magazine. I was also tasked with creating marketing campaigns for the Call for Submissions in the fall, the Release Party in the spring, and the Call for Editors before the spring semester ended. These campaigns included posters, fliers, and social media advertisements.


The previous two designers utilized portraiture and photo collages in their designs. My goal was to do something completely different, so I utilized flat vector illustrations, and abstract landscapes. I kept the color palette and geometric style consistent throughout all of the designs. I also included small geometric shapes that alternate locations on every other page inside the magazine.

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