Primary Audience

  • Males between the ages of 16-60 that belong to the middle class



  • Create a masculine brand identity

  • Develop a shave subscription box with a broad range of potential customers.


Subscription boxes have become quite popular in today’s market. They make shopping a less daunting task, and the products come right to the customer’s front door. While there are plenty of shaving subscription boxes for men, there are no customized subscriptions that solve their individual problems. ShaveRX provides a personalized experience by using a questionnaire to determine the needs of the customer and to prescribe products to fit their shaving needs.


The ShaveRX logo is a sophisticated wordmark that incorporates a grunge texture. The texture is meant to represent the ruggedness of stubble. The rest of the brand incorporates illustrations of facial hair and razors as well as the wood grain texture on the razor and the shaving brush.

For this project, I purchased containers for shaving cream, face lotion, and beard oil as well as a shaving brush and a razor. I designed and printed the labels for the containers and I ordered a custom shipping box to present the products in.

ShaveRX_Desktop_Short Beard_BW_Web.jpg

Research: Persona

John Wright

26 y/o Industrial Engineer

Status: Single

Class: Middle

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Technology: iPhone, and Microsoft Surface Pro


  • Make daily routine more convenient


  • Look good


  • Feel good


John is a single, industrial engineer who has an hour commute to Washington D.C. every day. On the weekends, John either visits his parents or attends social gatherings with friends. He likes to maintain his clean, professional look. However, John is running on empty and needs to find a more convenient way to manage his style.

John Doe.jpg
ShaveRX_Beard Oil_Web.jpg
ShaveRX_Shaving Cream_Web.jpg