Wired Magazine Article

Primary Audience

  • Men and Women, ages 18-35, with interests in technology



  • Design and create an editorial layout for a Wired Magazine Article

  • Include at least two illustrations



Wired is an American magazine that focuses on how technology affects culture, economy, and politics. “Online Dating Made This Woman a Pawn in a Global Crime Plot” is an article about a West Virginia woman who thought she had discovered love online but found herself scammed out of money and arrested for structuring.


The design of this print article caters to the technology theme of Wired magazine. It incorporates clever use of typography and hierarchy to convey the mood and significance of the article. The layout also includes flat vector illustrations that describe the scenes of the story clearly and concisely. The last page of the article is designed to stand out, because it includes important information regarding online dating scams.

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